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  • England Stove Works – An Overview

    England Stove WorksMany people are actually looking for stoves these days. It is an interior design trend, especially in bigger and older houses. Stoves evoke that Colonial style that would ultimately be the symbol of lavishness and luxury. And good thing England Stove Works is there, making quality stoves that are both beautiful and functional.

    Stoves are basically an enclosed heated space where a fuel is burned to produce heat. Much like a fireplace but, obviously, enclosed. There are so many varieties of these stoves out there on the market and it is quite confusing if you did not know what to pick. The styles are all there and all you have to do is to choose the stove that best fits both your wants and needs.

    The built in style looks more like a fireplace and it is a permanent fixture in a room. It provides heat in the colder months and it would be a beautiful decoration in the warmer months. The floor models of the stove have much more varieties: barrel, square box and other types. They can be moved, unlike the built in models.

    England Stove Works woodOne of the reasons why stoves are the rage these days is that the gas and electricity prices are shooting up. This is why many people turn to the old-school ways of heating up a room: burning fuel. Modern fuels for stoves can range from corn, wood chips and pellets that can be bought from your regular hardware. Make sure that your stove is also of a good material. Good stoves conduct heat well. Those made of steel or cast iron are the most famous makes of stoves. Steel stoves generally heat up quicker. Cast iron stoves, on the other hand, retain heat more, and do not cool down fast. England Stove Works have these types. What makes these stoves efficient is that they can burn and provide heat for at least six hours and that can stretch up to twelve hours, depending on the type of fuel one is using. It only burns up what you need.

    England Stove Works is quite famous in the market for also bringing out different types of stoves that run on different fuel sources. For example, they have wood stoves that run on wood chips, pellet stoves that run on biomass pellets like corn pellets, and of course, the multi fuel that can run on combination fuels, even cherry pits. All of England Stove Works units are E.P.A certified.

    England Stove Works pelletAll of the England Stove Works units are simple to use: just push the button. They have large ash drawers so that they won’t be that dirty, and best of all, they can be installed in mobile homes.

    England Stove Works are very reliable when it comes to choosing stoves. The company started in Virginia when Bob England decided to make his own stoves right in his backyard. This was in 1975. Today, England Stove Works is one of the biggest employers in their area. At England Stove works, they still believe that quality products should be kept at reasonable prices.

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  • England Stove Works 25-pdvc – What Satisfied Customers Are Saying

    england stove works 25-pdvcNot everyone is happy about choosing the England Stove Works 25-pdvc. This is a natural phenomenon with consumers. Some are satisfied with a certain product, some are not. It is not good to tell others of the negative things that they have experienced with a certain product – certainly not here.

    Instead, let us mention the good things that some people have experienced with the 25-pvdc without comparing it with other brands. We are mentioning here real experiences of real people. That’s fair play.We are going to mention only two reviews.

    England Stove Works 25-pdvc: Impressive Shipping

    Most people are afraid to make deals online especially if they’re doing for the first time. One customer however gave it a try in spite of feeling skeptical. He was impressed that the product was delivered early and the driver kindly put the stove in their garage before walking out.

    Outstanding Instructional CD

    It is important to have easy-to-understand instructional materials when installing the stove. The customer just mentioned above was so thankful for the outstanding CD disc. He said that all of the operation of the stove, the installation and repairs are clearly explained.england stove works 25-pdvc instructional cd

    Energy Rebate

    Still with the same man mentioned above. Lastly, he talked about energy rebate with the use of this unit. He did not mention how he got the rebate. Perhaps, it is something about more efficient energy use or some reduction in their monthly energy bills. If that is the case, he is able to save money that accumulated to such an amount equal to the price they bought their unit with.

    This rebate thing was mentioned by another England Stove Works 25-pdvc user. This user mentioned that his electric bill dropped to two-thirds of the usual cost. Here’s the computation: For each day and a half, he uses one bag of wood pellets for a single burn cycle. One bag is 40 pounds and 1 ton of wood pellets contain 40 bags. His consumption is one ton for 70 – 80 days. A ton of wood pellets costs $190.

    He said he is so happy with his decision. It was a decision he made when he realized that the electric bills were already getting rough on the budget.

    Your Own Computation

    With those good experiences mentioned above, you may want to consider buying a unit of England Stove Works 25-pdvc. Now, do your own computation if using this pellet stove will benefit you in the long run.

    england stove works 25-pdvc technicianIf you will buy at a local store, you can get a unit for around 1000 dollars. With other dealers, it is much higher – like 3000 dollars. Count these things in with your computation. The only advantage of getting a unit at a higher price is you can have free tech service but if you don’t need that, why opt for an expensive one.

    England Stove Works 25-pdvc consumers are ready to back up their clients anyway. You can always give them a call if there are some issues you need help with.

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  • England Stove Works Parts – Fixing Pellet Stove Problems

    england stove works partsWood stove problems are usually caused by some malfunction on one or some of its parts. It is best that we gain education about these parts for our safety and convenience. England Stove Works parts manufacturers and sellers can best help in this area.

    Getting to Know the Wood Stove Parts

    Let us put the old habit away. When there’s a new appliance in the house, it is important that we scrutinize its parts and understand how they function. No appliance can be in perfect condition forever. In the future, there’s going to be a problem. If we know how and where to locate the origin of the problem, then we can tell whether the solution is just a replacement of parts or it is time to buy a new wood stove unit.

    There is another advantage of knowing the parts of wood stoves. It can give you confidence every time there’s a problem. It can make you feel you are in control of the situation and confidently tell yourself that there’s no need to call a technician right away.

    England Stove Works Parts: Saving Money

    Both advantages mentioned above can make you save big money.

    There is no need to call the technician right away – you are confident enough about that. You only need the manual and maybe, this is all you need to fix the problem. You may just fix it by yourself without costing you any money.

    england stove works parts educationOn the other hand, because you know something, you may be able to determine where the problem is coming form and also decide if it is just a replacement that you need – not of the entire unit but of just one or some of its parts.

    There’s more with England Stove Works parts education. If you know these replacements well, you will be able to understand what a good buy is and what is not. Internet wood stove stores display all their merchandise in their websites where you can easily compare prices. Intelligent buyers know what to look for and what questions to ask.

    Before the Next Winter – It’s Time to Search

    The best time to check your wood stove is way, way ahead of the next winter. This is the time when the demand for replacement parts is low and therefore prices are also low. You need to check your wood stove early, not when the cold nights are already there. It is always good that you are prepared with the replacement parts in case something happens.


    england stove works parts door gasketsWhat are these parts? You have pipes, dampers, doors and handles, the blower or the fan, and the augers. For wood stove accessories, check with the company their offerings on insert pullers, door gaskets, thermometers, thermostats, iron scoops, etc.

    Safety Measures and Savings

    When you visit these websites, make sure that you take time to get tips on safety and savings. If you have more time, try to get in touch with customer representatives who can give you more ideas. England Stove Works parts consumer assistants are some of the best people to talk to regarding these matters.

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  • Thermostats for Wood Pellet Burners – Safety Issues

    thermostat for pellet stoveIf you are contemplating on buying a wood stove, it is highly advisable for you to consider buying a thermostat for wood stove as well. Not to mention using a thermostat for a wood stove is cost-effective, it is also for our safety that thermostats are made available. Here, we will discuss the common problems people encounter with wood pellet burning stoves and then see how a thermostat for pellet stove can help.

    Wood Pellet Common Problems

    Wood pellet stoves have three major parts – the firebox, the hopper and the venting system. Several problems can crop up within this heating system so it is good if we understand these problems and know how to avoid these common issues.

    •      Burn Back

    The hopper is where the wood pellets are put and it is from there that these pellets move into the firebox for burning. All the burning activity should only be contained within the firebox. If somewhere in the hopper there is burning, then you have a problem. That’s what we call BURN BACK which can cause a lot of damage within the unit or it might even cause a fire in the house to develop.

    thermostat for pellet stove hopperIf your unit has a thermostat for pellet stove, it will shut down automatically and never turn on until the unit cools down. Make sure that you put just the right amount of pellets or fix your unit if the pellets are dropping from the side.

    •      Ventilation Problem

    There is a fan inside as an important part of the venting system of the pellet stove. Always check if this venting system is working properly. If it is not working properly, the system is not receiving enough air and the kind of flame that you will see is somewhat darker and sooty.

    That kind of flame may not produce desired temperature and the thermostat for pellet stove can indicate that the temperature is not moving up. It is rather going down. With that, you have an idea what kind of problem is occurring.

    •      Power Failure

    If suddenly the system stops working or does not start working after connecting it to the electrical supply, it can be that there is no electricity being supplied to the system. Check if it is properly connected or there can be a disruption of supply due to a disconnection or a cut in the wiring.

    In such cases, the reading on the thermostat for pellet stove will remain unchanged for quite a time until the system starts to work again.

    •      Clogs/Residues

    Since wood pellet stoves use wood pellets, ashes can go everywhere within the system. The manual specifically states that aside from the daily minor cleaning, it is a must that we clean the entire system at regular intervals.

    thermostat for pellet stove cleaningIf clogs and residues have been left there inside for a long time, it can cause the venting system not to function or the auger not to rotate. Either of these events will cause the temperature not to rise to desired levels.

    If the readings on the thermostat are unusual, you must be encountering one the problems stated here.

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  • Englander Pellet Stove – The Way to Economical Heating

    englander pellet stoveAn Englander pellet stove is one of the cheapest wood burner stoves. One can buy a unit at just about a thousand dollars from a local depot. More expensive wood pellet stove brands cost about $3000.

    However, along with this very low price is a DIY condition. This means that you will have to self-install and you won’t get sure tech support every time you need it. The truth of the matter is all of us get to experience lackluster and frustrating customer services every once in a while, even those who have expensive wood pellet stoves.

    Some customers are lucky to get free services from the company when they need it, but such cases are rare. Therefore, help may not be readily available when you need it quick.

    Bracing yourself up is the best recourse. Turn this challenge into a positive experience.

    Englander Pellet Stove: An Opportunity to Learn

    Make this an opportunity for self-learning. Get to know your unit well by doing the following:

    • piecing pellet stove’s parts together

    englander pellet stove functions• knowing the specific functions of these parts

    • getting acquainted how the entire system works as one

    • learning the conditions that can render these parts dysfunctional

    • learning how to repair the unit or determining when parts should be replaced.

    Englander Pellet Stove: An Opportunity to Save More Money

    Let us explore the other ways that we can save money by using Englander pellet stove. Some of them are shared with you here:

    • With a pellet stove to warm you in the winter season, you can save $100 a month with your energy bills. Here we are talking about average consumption of wood pellets for most households in America.

    The cost apiece of a 40-lb bag of wood pellets is three to four dollars and consumers use about a bag in a day. That’s at most $120 dollars for a month. Now, compare this cost with the average cost of using gas or electric heaters, which is around $230 dollars per month per home.

    A tip for you: For more effective house insulation, tear the vinyl off your house and replace it with cedar shakes.

    • Now, let us go back to the self-learning mentioned above. If you know your unit better, chances are you wouldn’t be calling a technician ever time trouble ensues. You have the manual to guide you all the way and with the understanding that you already have to back you up, it is easier to talk over the phone with a troubleshooting customer representative. And you know how it feels to fix things up without costing you a bit.

    englander pellet stove parts replacementAnother tip for you: You know when parts should be replaced or if they can still last through the next heating season. Buy replacement parts ahead of time. It’s going to save you worry about breakdowns. And you have ample time to look for discounts and use store coupons for more discounts if you begin searching way ahead of the winter time.

    Make it the cheapest when you buy it, make it cheapest when you use it and to make it most economical for you, do it the Englander-pellet-stove way.

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