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Thermostat for Pellet Stove

Thermostats for Wood Pellet Burners – Safety Issues

thermostat for pellet stoveIf you are contemplating on buying a wood stove, it is highly advisable for you to consider buying a thermostat for wood stove as well. Not to mention using a thermostat for a wood stove is cost-effective, it is also for our safety that thermostats are made available. Here, we will discuss the common problems people encounter with wood pellet burning stoves and then see how a thermostat for pellet stove can help.

Wood Pellet Common Problems

Wood pellet stoves have three major parts – the firebox, the hopper and the venting system. Several problems can crop up within this heating system so it is good if we understand these problems and know how to avoid these common issues.

•      Burn Back

The hopper is where the wood pellets are put and it is from there that these pellets move into the firebox for burning. All the burning activity should only be contained within the firebox. If somewhere in the hopper there is burning, then you have a problem. That’s what we call BURN BACK which can cause a lot of damage within the unit or it might even cause a fire in the house to develop.

thermostat for pellet stove hopperIf your unit has a thermostat for pellet stove, it will shut down automatically and never turn on until the unit cools down. Make sure that you put just the right amount of pellets or fix your unit if the pellets are dropping from the side.

•      Ventilation Problem

There is a fan inside as an important part of the venting system of the pellet stove. Always check if this venting system is working properly. If it is not working properly, the system is not receiving enough air and the kind of flame that you will see is somewhat darker and sooty.

That kind of flame may not produce desired temperature and the thermostat for pellet stove can indicate that the temperature is not moving up. It is rather going down. With that, you have an idea what kind of problem is occurring.

•      Power Failure

If suddenly the system stops working or does not start working after connecting it to the electrical supply, it can be that there is no electricity being supplied to the system. Check if it is properly connected or there can be a disruption of supply due to a disconnection or a cut in the wiring.

In such cases, the reading on the thermostat for pellet stove will remain unchanged for quite a time until the system starts to work again.

•      Clogs/Residues

Since wood pellet stoves use wood pellets, ashes can go everywhere within the system. The manual specifically states that aside from the daily minor cleaning, it is a must that we clean the entire system at regular intervals.

thermostat for pellet stove cleaningIf clogs and residues have been left there inside for a long time, it can cause the venting system not to function or the auger not to rotate. Either of these events will cause the temperature not to rise to desired levels.

If the readings on the thermostat are unusual, you must be encountering one the problems stated here.